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There are two methods of pet carriage.


  1.  Pets carried in the passenger cabin in an approved container - PETC
  2.  Pets carried in cargo compartment - AVIH


Pet in cabin

Transportation of animals is subject to governmental regulations concerning import, export and transit of live animals.

The transport of pets in cabin (PETC) is restricted to:

- Dogs and cats belonging to a passenger traveling on the same flight, transported in cabin

- Service animals, accompanying disabled persons and special training dogs



The passenger must hold:

  1. The necessary documents for import/export or transit of the animal, subject to the governmental regulations
  2. Pet passport
  3. Health/vaccination certificates
  4. Animal shall have an electronic identification system (transponder) or a visible tattoo


The animal shall be identified by an electronic identification system (transponder /microchip) which complies with ISO standard 11784.


  • Identification of the animal with a microchip shall be performed before the anti-rabies vaccination.


Veterinary health certificate for EU or EU type passport

The pet shall be accompanied by a veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority of the country or by the EU type passport in the case of a re-entry of the pet in EU, which will certify the anti-rabies vaccination or revaccination and compliance with this regulation.


A valid anti-rabies vaccination and blood titration test

  1. The pet animal must have undergone anti-rabies vaccination at the minimum age of 12 weeks old
  2. The pet must have undergone, at least 30 days after vaccination, a blood test to determine the antibody titration (measuring level - at least equal to 0,5 IU/ml) confirming the efficiency of antirabies vaccination. This test must be done in an authorized EU laboratory.
  3. The blood titration test must be done three months before being moved to EU


The three months period will not be required in case of re-entry in EU, if successful blood test was done before the pet left the EU and the result is recorded in PET passport.

Full information on Non-Commercial Movement from Third Countries to EU can be found:

Click here for more informations !



Limitations per destinations and responsibility

Due to restrictive and/or special conditions for live animal transportation, Aerro Direkt will not accept pets transportation on flights to/from: United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal


  1. Aerro Direkt declines all responsibility for any deterioration in the animal's health, which may occur before, during or after the flight.
  2. Aerro Direkt cannot hold responsibility if an animal is refused entry into or transit a country.
  3. Passengers must sign the declaration form of limited responsibility for animal transportation before check in and attach passport copy DECLARATION FORM



Conditions for acceptance to be followed:

The transport of animal in cabin:

  • must be requested at the time of reservation using SSR PETC, indicating kennel dimensions and total weight (container + animal)
  • has to confirmed in advance by Aerro Direkt and by all carriers involved in an interline transportation


The animal:

  •  must be clean, healthy, harmless, odorless, and must not be pregnant,
  • may not annoy passengers,
  • must be in a suitable container, i.e. the animal can stand in a natural position, turn around and lie down (except guide dogs and specially trained dogs)
  • must be transported in cabin only and never in the hold.
  • must stay in the container during the entire flight. The container or special soft sided bag:
  • dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm (25 H x 40 W x 50 L)
  • maximum weight, including animal and container is limited to 8 kg
  • may not be placed on the seat,
  • must be well ventilated, securely fastened and leak-proof - cardboard boxes are NOT suitable for air transport.
  • must be right sized for the animal, according to the following indications:













Passengers with PETC:

shall be offered window seats

shall not be seated on first row

shall not be seated in emergency exit rows


Limitations in pets number per flight

Aerro Direkt limits the number of pets per flight to 2 pets

One PET container per passenger allowed

2 small pets of same species in one container may be allowed, only if they are small enough to fit into one cannel and still have space to stand up and turn around comfortably



- The weight of the PETC and the container is not included in the free baggage allowance.

- Animal transportation is subject of additional charge – 40 EUR per DIR operated flight.